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Jacks Virtual Academy Questions and Answers



Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, students in grades K-12 have the opportunity to enroll full-time in our Jacks Virtual Academy (JVA) to provide students the opportunity to decide when and where they learn. For students seeking an alternative to on-site, face-to-face instruction, the Jacks Virtual Academy may be an enjoyable, challenging, productive, and rewarding option.


The Jacks Virtual Academy is designed to meet the needs of students who take responsibility for their learning and thrive in an atmosphere in which they may work independently at their own pace.


  1. What is the name of my school if I am in Virtual School? The virtual students will be enrolled in the Jacks Virtual Academy.

  2. What is the difference between Jacks Virtual Academy and the 2019-2020 AMI lessons? Unlike the 2019-20 AMI lessons which focused on reinforcing skills, Jacks Virtual Academy will provide a much more in-depth and comprehensive curriculum comparable to content taught in the traditional school environment. 

  3. Where can I register my child for Jacks Virtual Academy? You can register online by completing the form linked HERE. 

  4. Where is the school office for Jacks Virtual Academy?  Contact the school office in which your child is enrolled.  ABC- 226-5099, Eastside - 226-6761, Brunson 226-8526, Warren Middle School 226-8542, Warren High School 226-6736 and SEACBEC 226-6920.

  5. Who can apply to attend Jacks Virtual Academy? Any student that is a legal resident of the Warren School District and enrolled as a Warren School District student. 

  6. Do I have to live in the Warren school district to enroll in Jacks Virtual Academy? Yes, families have to be legal residents of Warren Schools or acquire an out-of-district transfer approval through school choice.  Deadline for school-choice for the 2020-2021 school year was May 1.

  7. Is there a limit to how many students will be accepted? No limit is anticipated. 

  8. What are my technology requirements to participate in Jacks Virtual Academy? Warren School District will issue each student an iPad.  The student must have reliable internet access where the student will work.


  1. What other requirements will be necessary for a parent or guardian to provide?  All students under the age of 18 will need to have a responsible adult to support them in their learning and this person must be available for communication with school personnel.  This person is determined by the parent or guardian of the student.  The responsible adult may or may not be a parent/guardian. The amount of assistance depends on the student's grade level and the student's ability to complete work independently.

  2. Will a student be allowed to change placement from Virtual Academy to the traditional classes during the school year? Students will be encouraged to remain in the Jacks Virtual Academy for the remainder of the semester. Reentry to on campus learning will be based on individual needs. 

  3. Can a Virtual Academy student participate in athletics, choir, clubs, etc.? Jacks Virtual Academy students in grades 7-12 may participate in AAA activities in person at the school, including band, choir, and athletics. 6th grade students may participate in beginning choir and band. JVA students will be able to participate in BETA and National Honor Society.  K-5 students will not participate in onsite extracurricular activities. Students will have to provide their own transportation for on campus activities.

  4. Are Virtual students still responsible for state assessments? Yes, all virtual students must complete assessments mandated by the Arkansas Division of Secondary and Elementary Education. Each assessment has a specific time period for schools to complete the required assessment. Online students are required to be on campus for these assessments during each assessment period.  Individual campuses will contact parents/guardians regarding required assessments and screenings.

  5. What curriculum will you be using? Students in grades PreK-8 will be using content in Lincoln Learning led by a Warren School District teacher, there might be certain circumstances that might prevent a WSD teacher from teaching a JVA class. Students in 9-12 will be using content in Virtual Arkansas led by a Warren School District teacher, there might be certain circumstances that might prevent a WSD teacher from teaching a JVA class. 

  6. How many courses will Virtual students be required to take? Students are required to take a full schedule of courses.  Students will not be allowed to take more than a full schedule, unless as a senior more courses are needed to meet graduation requirements AND approved by the Principal/Assistant Principal.

  7. Do you offer AP classes for high school students? AP Courses will be offered via Virtual Arkansas.

  8. Do you offer concurrent courses for Jacks Virtual Academy? Yes. Concurrent credit classes are offered at WHS through Virtual Arkansas.

  9. Will the district provide any transportation to and from a Warren facility when a student is wanting to participate in an activity or class on campus?  No, all transportation for virtual students will be the responsibility of the family.

  10. How will attendance be monitored for Jacks Virtual Academy?  Attendance will be determined by assignments and participation in class. Jacks Virtual Academy students will adhere to the Warren School District’s attendance policies. 

      A student is absent if the student is not:

-Present for online instruction provided by the district.

-Participating in a planned district-provided activity

          -Engaged in scheduled instruction at on off-site location, including remote


  1. Will grading for Virtual Academy be the same as on campus? Yes

  2. Will timelines for completed assignments be different from on campus?  It is possible that the Jacks Virtual Academy will have a different pace than onsite instruction. 

  3. Will my student be required to be on campus for assessments? 

Periodically, students will be required to take assessments on campus. 


Contact information for additional questions:


Warren High School:  

Tiffany Gathen, Principal      

Daniel Williams, Asst. Principal  

Phone: (870) 226-6736


Warren Middle School: 

Kathy Cornish, Principal    

Clark Watkins, Asst. Principal

Phone: (870) 226-8542


Brunson Elementary School:

Regina Scroggins, Principal 

Phone: (870) 226-8526


Eastside Elementary School:

Sara Weaver, Principal       

Elizabeth McKinney, Asst. Principal 

Phone: (870) 226-6761


Warren ABC Preschool:

Devin McDiarmid, Director  

(870) 226-6920



Devin McDiarmid, Director  

(870) 226-6920